1965 Chevrolet Mako Shark
Corvette History

Corvette History 1968-1982

C3 Corvettes: The Mako Shark Based on the Mako Shark II show car designed by Larry Shinoda and displayed during 1965, the third-generation Corvette’s styling was flamboyant in its overall […]

1963 Corvette String Ray
Corvette History

Corvette History 1963 -1967

C2: The Sting Ray More than four decades after its introduction, the 1963 Corvette remains one of the most startling, engrossing and completely delightful automotive designs of all time. For […]

1954 Chevrolet Corvette
Corvette History

Corvette History 1953 -1962

C1: Solid Axle Corvettes While the 1953 Corvette was undeniably gorgeous and, with its fiberglass body, somewhat innovative, as a sports car it was wholly pathetic. The chassis handled better […]

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