1954 Chevrolet Corvette commercial promo video

The men who designed this had fun. The builders of the testers had fun. It’s never to take the place of the family car. I for one have fun owning it.

Though this could never happen unless the world’s largest manufacturer of automobiles have put its tremendous resources back to the job of designing and building a sports car to uphold American leadership in every field of transportation.

They built her to handle like an angel. With every ounce of weight right where belongs for perfect balance. Clean and sleek and efficient looking and light and strong. They kept the cockpit simple and practical.

The power plant they start with the finest valve and head engine. Some extra special features of higher compression, triple slide back carburetors, and dual exhaust give her 160 hp. Naturally the automatic transmission quadrant is on the floor. This in keeping with sports car tradition. In addition to the speedometer there is a tachometer to measure engine revolutions.

They call her Corvette ! And she belongs to the highway just for this year and simple joy of driving. For the open road in the country by way for Mr. and Mrs. America and the carefree mood.

Sigh… boy, what a car!

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