Impala History

Cruising Van Nuys Boulevard in 1972

Muscle car enthusiast hang out on Los Angeles’ Van Nuys Boulevard in summer 1972. Wednesday nights were “cruise nights,” recalled photographer Rick McCloskey. “You had everything from your Mustangs to […]

Chevy Impala 1958 Brochure
Impala History

Impala 1958 -1960

The Impala was introduced in 1958 as a new, upmarket, sporty trim package created for Bel Air coupes and convertibles. Unique to the model were its six taillights, which set […]

1963 Impala Hardtop Brochure Picture
Impala History

Impala 1961 -1964

The Impala was restyled on the existing GM B platform for 1961. The new body styling was more trim and boxy than the 1958-60 models. Sport Coupe models featured a […]

1963 Chevy Impala SS Brochure
Impala History

Impala SS 1961 – 1969

In 1961, the Impala SS (Super Sport) was introduced to the market. The SS badge was to become Chevrolet’s signature of performance on many models, though it has often been […]

1966 Impala Brochure Picture
Impala History

Impala 1965 – 1970

Redesigned again in 1965, the Impala set an all-time industry annual sales record of more than 1 million units in the U.S., which has never been bettered. All new full-size […]

1972 Chevy Impala
Impala History

Impala 1971 – 1976

In 1971, the redesigned full-size B-body would be the largest full-size car ever offered by GM. However, the 1970s marked the impact of the 1973 energy crisis. Gasoline prices doubled […]