1968 Chevy II Nova SS Commercail
Chevrolet Commercials

1968 Nova SS commercial

Chevrolet “BE SMART, BE SURE” campaign – After a long day of working on the farm you deserve some special – 1968 Chevrolet Nova SS with specials suspension that gives […]

1969 Chevrolet line-up Commercail
Chevrolet Commercials

1969 chevrolet commercial

this is a 1969 Chevrolet commercial showing chevys makes and models from the pickups to station wagons. At the end of the ad, they explain that you can add a […]

1955 Chevrolet Cinema Commercial
Chevrolet Commercials

1955 Chevrolet Cinema Ad

This is a cinema ad that was not on TV.  Shows the 1955 Chevrolet line-up. Your Chevrolet Dealer presents…  Rx for travel!  See new places in your Chevrolet.

GM Robot Superbowl Commercial banned 2007
Chevrolet Commercials

GM Robot Superbowl Commercial banned

GM Robot Superbowl Commercial  – February 4, 2007 The robot committing suicide was the point of controversy on this ad. The anti-suicide organization said something along the lines that suicide […]

Chevrolet Cars Commercial 1965
Chevrolet Commercials

1965 Chevrolet Cars Commercial

This 5 minute spot introduces the entire Chevrolet line for 1965. How could you even think of 65 camaros, caprices , malibus, without thinking of beautiful Elizabeth Montgomery and several […]

Chevrolet Super Bowl Commercial 2007
Chevrolet Commercials

Chevrolet 2007 Super Bowl Commercial

Mary J. Blige, Jonny O’ Connell, Big N’Rich, TI, Dale Earnhardt, Jr. and a host of other – who sort of look like they could be stars singing songs.  Dale […]

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