1970 Chevelle Mike Jacobsen

Chevelle 1970 Car Craft 2011

Year: 1970
Make: Chevrolet
Model: Chevelle
Owner: Mike Jacobsen  from New London, Minnesota
Features: Custom Finished Trunk, Foose Rims Read More

Chevy Camaro 1970½ to 1981

Second Generation Camaro 1970½ to 1981

Though it didn’t make it to market until February of 1970, the second-generation 1970½ Camaro would be in production 12 years. The second-generation Camaro’s styling was inspired by Ferrari and was also bigger, heavier and no longer available as a convertible. And as the 1970s progressed, it would grow less powerful, succumbing to the pressures of tightening emissions regulations and a fuel crisis. Read More

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2011 Camaro Z28 Commercial Ad Campaign

2011 camaro z28

The “Love Again” Campaign for the Camaro Z28

This is a spec commercial campaign written, directed, produced & acted by Frederic Vial. In 2009, Chevrolet will launch, once again, the Camaro Z28. It will be the 5th generation, the 5th time a Z28 is released…again. As one of the truly classic and most influential muscle cars in American automotive history, the soon-to-be released Z28 is preceded by 4 generations. Read More


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