1965 El Camino dyno
2011 Car Craft Summer Nationals Featured Vehicles

65 El Camino 1327hp – Dyno Run Car Craft 2011

Running a F3 Pro Charger – 1327HP at the wheels – Dyno Pull at Car Craft Summer Nationals in St. Paul Minnesota on Friday, July 22, 2011

Corvette Mako Shark TV Commercial
Corvette Commercial

Corvette Mako Shark TV Commercial

Don’t know the how true it is, but it makes for great GM folklore. This show car was repainted several times, because it didn’t match a model shark that Mitchell […]

Chevrolet Cars Commercial 1965
Chevrolet Commercials

1965 Chevrolet Cars Commercial

This 5 minute spot introduces the entire Chevrolet line for 1965. How could you even think of 65 camaros, caprices , malibus, without thinking of beautiful Elizabeth Montgomery and several […]