Corvette History 1953 -1962

1954 Chevrolet Corvette

C1: Solid Axle Corvettes

While the 1953 Corvette was undeniably gorgeous and, with its fiberglass body, somewhat innovative, as a sports car it was wholly pathetic. The chassis handled better with the ‘Vette’s improved weight distribution, but it was still pretty much a ’52 Chevy sedan suspension down there. That meant the front end was suspended by a primitive independent system and the rear held up with leaf springs. A quicker steering gear gave some reflexes to the car, but quicker isn’t the same as quick. And of course, the 150-horsepower, 235-cubic-inch six and two-speed automatic Powerglide transmission was far less than athletic. Read More

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Corvette Early Development

1953 Corvette (concept car) introduction at the Motorama car show

Entering the 1950s, no corporation even came close to General Motors in its size, the scope of its enterprise or its profits. GM was twice the size of the second biggest company in the world — Standard Oil of New Jersey (forefather of today’s Exxon Mobil), and had a vast conglomeration of businesses ranging from home appliances to providing insurance and building Chevrolets, GMCs, Pontiacs, Oldsmobiles, Buicks, Cadillacs and locomotives. Read More

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